Errand running (Gestoria) services:

Taxation and Accounting

  • Payment executions of corporate and personal income taxes, wealth and inheritance, etc taxes.
  • Tax refunds.
  • Tax procedures.
  • Community vat-registration.
  • International taxation.
Labour matters
  • Working contracts, payroll and social security matters.
  • Dismissals, labour protection issues.
Practical Issues and Technical Assistance
  • Valuations (expert appraisals and testimonies).
  • Building projects.
  • Business openings and opening licenses.
  • Bank accounts for individuals and corporate´s.
  • Assets management in the best finance companies.
  • Mortage loans.
  • Home, life, accident, health and business insurances.
  • Spanish tax identification numbers (N.I.E) and residence permits.
  • Exchange and registration of driver’s licenses.
  • Registrations as local resident.
  • Spanish - English - Finnish - Swedish.
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