Lawyer Anniina Pohjola represents our clients and brings the legal actions in all Spanish courts as well as in arbitration courts. She also takes care of the enforcement of foreign judgments that needs to be carried out in Spain.

Lawyer Anniina Pohjola is often named as a confident person in Spain for the insolvency administrators appointed by commercial courts from other countries in the EU-area for purpose of selling properties in Spain.

The same way the Attorney at Law of this office is trusted to have a status of legal custodian for the client for financial matters.

Collaboration with foreign public entities with their relations to Spain.

Personal & Family Law

Tax Advice


Advice on buying or selling a property, transfer of deed, due-diligence. Divorce, child custody, will, inheritance.

Strong experience with inheritance matters in Spain both ”ab intestato and intestato”.

Last Wills and consulting

All kind of money transfers

Our team of professionals has a wide experience in all kind of contract counseling, negotiating and drafting all kind of contracts in defense and guarantee of our clients in order to avoid any future problems.

The firm offers legal counseling over the town planning and property development projects both for individual persons as for companies from civil, mercantile, administrative, registration and penal law´s point of view.

Mrs. Anniina Pohjola represents our clients before the Public Administration (local, autonomic and national) both in sanctioning procedures and in license concession applications and tender proceedings.

The lawyer approaches all the aspects of banking law from the point of view of minor and professional investors.